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The Road to Self-Realization

1. Juli 2020
The Road to Self-Realization
26. Juli 2020
1 The Road to Self-Realizationl

Let me invite you onto a fascinating spiritual journey to self-realization that started with a kick in my butt in January 2013 in Las Vegas. I was invited for an interview on my then latest book (“Take Your Work and Shove It!” – ebook on Amazon) at a live spiritual TV Show. There were 3 guests on the show that day: Jim Self, a modern Alchemist and businessman (MasteringAlchemy), Wayne Peterson, a spiritually guided US Diplomat and me. Jim invited me out to dinner the night before the show and with his knowledge of alchemy gave me a glance of what my soul had in store for me to do beyond of what I did at this point in time. On my return flight to Hamburg I started to draw a plan on how to learn writing stories and poems from successful professional writers and poets. But that wasn’t all that happened in Las Vegas. If you follow this Blog, I tell you more …

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