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The Road to Self-Realization

The Road to Self-Realization
26. Juli 2020
Die Chroniken des SANAT KUMARA
22. September 2020
3 The Road to Self-Realization

Imagine you work for a Fortune 500 company and business is really good. One day you are participating in a company picnic in a park. While playing Trivial Pursuit in teams and it is your team’s turn, all of a sudden you have a run in answering questions correctly you couldn’t possibly know. After each question is read out you hear a voice in your head giving you the correct answer. Your winning streak ends when you finally don’t believe the voice, but rather answer based on your own judgement. Everybody is totally impressed by your broad knowledge, only you are puzzled and you decide to take a rest under a nearby tree. This happened to Sharon K. Richards Pondering under the tree, she heard the voice again, telling her that he was just checking whether she could hear him. Today, she is one of the voices of the Ascended Masters and tells her story in the book „Voices for the Ascended Masters - Masters don’t view channeling the way we do“. What would you do, if it happened to you? Would you be curious enough to explore and courageous enough to change the direction of your life? I truly applaud this remarkable woman.

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