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Take Your Work And Shove It – Fun and Fulfillment Instead of a Breakdown

Ich kann so nicht mehr arbeiten – Freude und Sinn statt Seeleninfarkt
2. April 2011
Reclaiming My Harmony – Poetry for Soul Searching Leaders
27. April 2014

About the book

H Have you been forcing yourself to do a job you no longer enjoy so you can pay your bills? Are you stuck in a career that robs you of your energy? Does your work no longer seem to make sense? Have you lost sight of your perspective? Has your career come to a standstill or perhaps even ended unexpectedly? Do you feel trapped or stuck? Are you hurting physically, mentally or emotionally? Does your work have a sinister and miserable aftertaste? Are you clinging with everything you have in order to hold onto a position, responsibilities, a certain level in the company hierarchy or a status you have acquired? Are you just hanging on until you can finally retire? Are you forcing yourself to do your job? Are you sacrificing yourself for others? Are you playing along in a nasty game in which you feel exploited without being able to quit? Are you secretly thinking, ‘You can all go to hell’ while you wait for a miracle?

If you answer one or more of these questions with ‘yes’ and you want to change things, then this is the book for you! Martina Violetta Jung, who used to be in the front line of the economy, illuminates specific thinking, emotional, physical and behavioral structures suggested by holistically working cutting edge scientists, physicians, therapists, philosophers as well as masters of meditation and spirituality. The moment you dare to embrace your true nature with all your needs will make a breakthrough to lasting joy of work possible. Only then will unique talents, professional skills, practical experience and inner wisdom merge into one. Based on the six universal laws of consciousness, energy, synchronicity, resonance, cyclical change and polarity, the author shows that every working individual – whether he or she is aware of it or not – is part of an invisible spider web. Realizing these holistic links offers a novel approach to a successful, satisfying and joyful career.

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