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Reclaiming My Harmony – Poetry for Soul Searching Leaders

Take Your Work And Shove It – Fun and Fulfillment Instead of a Breakdown
21. Juli 2013
König Theodors wundersame Reise
27. Juli 2014

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T Thirteen poems for business leaders composed in a sequence to open your heart and mind, to support you in finding yourself and to contribute to living your true calling as a leader.

A poem appeals to that part of your being which is a gift, in contrast to all capabilities you have acquired. That is why any artistic approach to finding yourself will be more heartfelt, and therefore more permanent and enduring.

I hope my poems will enable you to see the world known to you so well in a new, refreshing way. Let your soul be caressed so that it may enrich and guide your life into a more meaningful and fulfilling direction.

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