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Ready for Christmas / Lockdown

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14. Dezember 2020
Quiet Time – Besinnliche Zeit
20. Dezember 2020
R Ready for Lockdown / Christmas

Spiritual guidance for our time of crisis, pandemic, earth destruction and ways to turn things around. A look behind the veil. Part one of a seven volume novel series on spiritual awareness, growth and being interconnected in the 21st century.
With great effort our team across the globe managed to have it ready for the lockdown / holiday season as an Amazon ebook worldwide as of today. The paper book version will follow once we have taken a deep breath. We feel blessed and utmost grateful to be able to present it to you today. Stay healthy, happy, wealthy and interconnected!
And now go and find out about and then dive into "The Chronicles of Sanat Kumara - I Am Ready" and become part of the change that we all want to see.
Martina Violetta Jung

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