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Die Hälfte des Himmels ist weiblich

1. April 2017
13. Mai 2017

Über das Buch

D ie Hälfte des Himmels, sagt ein chinesisches Sprichwort, tragen die Frauen. Dem ist heute nicht so! Bisher verantworten Frauen in unseren Unternehmen nur den Teil des Himmels, der ihnen von den Männern zugewiesen oder mehr oder weniger großzügig überlassen wird. In sieben Geschichten zeigt Martina Violetta Jung auf humorvolle Weise, was Frauen für sich und Unternehmen bewegen können, wenn sie selbst mutig aus ihren angestammten Rollen fallen.

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  1. […] Dr. Martina Violetta Jung has got a very different CV. For many it might not be comprehensible that someone that managed to be in the board of directors of the most important companies in Germany suddenly dedicates her professional life to writing, to write Business Poems, but also books about women and success. Jung gave up her manager and consultant career and started to control her own life again. Being a woman and working in management is still a challenge, not just in Germany where Jung lives. But according to her it should not be like that: “As long as women themselves do not realize that only a woman can make the difference as a woman and that she should not make the mistake to act as a man, nothing will really change in Business Management.” Her Book “Die Hälfte des Himmels ist weiblich” tells stories about women that find their way through in business life, that stand up for their beliefs and that make men think. Seven stories about women and men give us an idea about why women do not carry the heaven like the chinese saying indicates. “We are there, but we do not influence the way we should do. We do, want men want us to do, we do not determine or control our destiny in many ways. We dress like they want and we behave like we think they want us to behave”, says the writer who considers herself to be a “Business Poet” rather than a Top Manager. […]