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The Chronicles of Sanat Kumara

2. Januar 2021
Blueprint for the future
14. Januar 2021

Über das Buch

SANAT KUMARA, the spiritual head of the world, sends a team of highly developed beings to Earth. TRUSIAN and her team are to lead the human family and the blue planet back to their destiny within the divine plan, before humans destroy all bases for life in the fight for money, power and natural resources. But the start of TRUSIAN’s incarnation as Lucia goes horribly wrong. Her pregnant mother is murdered in cold blood in a dispute over a cobalt mine. Lucia grows up unsuspecting, sheltered by adoptive parents. On her 20th birthday in December 2019, the events come thick and fast for the prospective geo-resource scientist. All of a sudden, Lucia’s life is turned upside down and she embarks on a search for her true identity and mission throughout the dimensions of life. The Ascended Masters of all cultures and Off Earth Allies do their utmost to help her succeed in this endeavour.

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